Durga Puja

As the autumn breeze sweeps through the picturesque state of Assam, a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation fills the air. It can only mean one thing – the preparations for Durga Puja have begun in earnest. Durga Puja, one of the most celebrated and cherished festivals in India, holds a special place in the hearts of Assam’s people. It is a time when the entire state comes alive with vibrant colors, rhythmic beats, and the aroma of traditional delicacies.

In 2023, Durga Puja will be observed from Friday, October 20th, to Tuesday, October 24th. This five-day extravaganza marks the triumph of the goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura and is celebrated with immense fervor and devotion. The festival showcases the artistic and cultural richness of Assam, making it an ideal time for tourists to witness the state’s unique traditions.

Durga Puja

The Durga Puja Calendar in Assam typically follows the traditional schedule, which includes:


This marks the beginning of the festivities with the arrival of the goddess Durga’s idol at the pandal, a temporary structure erected for the purpose of worship. It is a day of rituals and artistic installations.

Maha Saptami:

On this day, elaborate rituals are performed to invoke the goddess’s blessings. The atmosphere buzzes with excitement as the streets come alive with processions and cultural performances.

Maha Ashtami:

This is one of the most significant days of Durga Puja. Fasting is practiced by devotees while they pray to the deity. The day is filled with traditional dances, music, and cultural events.

Maha Navami:

On the ninth day, devotees gather in large numbers to celebrate the goddess’s divine power. It is a day of feasting and community gatherings.


The final day of the festival, Vijayadashami, marks the goddess’s triumphant victory over evil. Idols are immersed in rivers and water bodies, signifying her return to the cosmos.

The entire state of Assam transforms into a colorful, joyous, and spiritually charged hub during Durga Puja. It’s a time when locals and visitors alike come together to celebrate the victory of good over evil, revel in the state’s artistic heritage, and partake in sumptuous traditional feasts. As the Durga Puja dates draw near, Assam’s streets will be adorned with stunning pandals, each more creative than the last, and the rhythm of dhak (traditional drums) will echo through the heart of the state, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

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What is Durga Puja, and why is it significant in Assam?

Durga Puja is a major Hindu festival celebrated to honor the goddess Durga’s triumph over the demon Mahishasura. In Assam, it holds immense significance as it showcases the state’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. It’s a time of vibrant celebrations and artistic displays.

When is Durga Puja celebrated in Assam in 2023?

Durga Puja in Assam will be observed from Friday, October 20th, to Tuesday, October 24th, in 2023. It is a five-day festival marked by elaborate rituals and cultural festivities.

What is the Durga Puja Calendar in Assam, and what are its main days?

The Durga Puja Calendar in Assam follows a traditional schedule with key days like Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami, and Vijayadashami. Each day has its unique significance and rituals, contributing to the grandeur of the festival.

What happens on Maha Ashtami, one of the significant days of Durga Puja?

Maha Ashtami is a crucial day during Durga Puja when devotees fast and perform rituals to invoke the blessings of Goddess Durga. It’s a day filled with traditional dances, music, and cultural events.

How does Assam transform during Durga Puja, and what can tourists expect?

Assam undergoes a colorful transformation during Durga Puja. Streets are adorned with stunning pandals, cultural performances fill the air, and the aroma of traditional cuisine wafts through the state. Tourists can expect a vibrant and culturally enriching experience during this time.

What is the significance of Vijayadashami, the final day of Durga Puja?

Vijayadashami marks the goddess’s triumphant victory over evil, symbolized by the immersion of Durga idols in rivers and water bodies. It signifies her return to the celestial abode and the triumph of good over evil.

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